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Pendulum Impact Testers

Pendulum Impact Tester is an instrument designed to precisely determine the absorbed impact energy and resistance to breakage of plastic specimens.

The Impact tester is an instrument used to conduct impact tests on thermoplastic materials, in order to determine their impact fragility characteristics under specified stress conditions. There are three methods often used: Charpy, Izod and Tensile impact. These methods used differ in the way the specimen clamped and the impact energy & speed required.

Two kinds of display ways have been provided: digital and mechanical dial display. Digital display type has a function of automatical calibration of energy losses.

High precision,perfect stability and easy operation enable the tester to gain CE certificate and be sold all around the world.

ISO 179, ISO 180, ISO 8256, ASTM D 256 and the equivalent.

XJU-5.5 IZOD impact tester 1,2.75,5.5 3.5 Dial ISO180,ASTM D256
XJU-22 IZOD impact tester 11,22,(5.5) 3.5 Dial ISO180,ASTM D256
XJUD-5.5 Electronic IZOD impact tester 1,2.75,5.5 3.5 Digital ISO180,ASTM D256
XJUD-22 Electronic IZOD impact tester 11,22,(5.5) 3.5 Digital ISO180,ASTM D256
XJL-50 Tensile impact tester 15,25,50 3.8 Dial ISO8256
XJLD-50 Electronic Tensile impact tester 15,25,50 3.8 Digital ISO8256
XJJ-5 Charpy impact tester 0.5,1,2,4,5 2.9 Dial ISO179
XJJ-50 Charpy impact tester 7.5,15,25,50 3.8 Dial ISO179
XJJ-50A Charpy impact tester for pipes 15,50 3.8 Dial ISO8256

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