Flex Durability Tester

FDT-02 Flex Durability Tester

This instrument is applicable to the determination of flex durability of:

Basic Applications
  • Flexible Films, Composite Films and Coating Films
    Including plastic films, sheets and composite films e.g. composite films, aluminized films, aluminum plastic composite films, nylon films and coating films for food or drug packages
  • Paper Materials
    Test the flex durability of paper materials
  • 5 standard test modes and 4 specimen stations support various combinations of test conditions
  • Quick switch between long and short strokes improves the test efficiency
  • Application of servo motor further ensures the accuracy of test results
  • Dual protection for hardware and software as well as auto reset provides a safe operating environment for customers
  • The instrument is controlled by micro-computer, with LCD, menu interface and PVC operation panel.
  • Equipped with micro-printer for convenient data transfer

This instrument conforms to the standard: ASTM F392

Flex Frequency 45 /minute
Tensile & Pressing Force 300 N
Torque 2 Nm
Specimen Thickness ‚ȧ2.5mm (Sample clamps are needed for other thickness specimen)
Flex Angle 4400 or 4000
Horizontal Stroke 155 mm or 80 mm
Number of Stations 4
Number of Specimens 1 ~ 4Note
Specimen Size 280 mm x 200 mm
Instrument Dimension 715 mm (L) x 415 mm (W) x 645 mm (H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight 85 kg

Note: Multiple specimens share the tensile & pressing force and the torque.

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