Gravure Print Inspection System Trinity series (Standard model)

100% and whole area inspection to detect very small incomplete text and print dirt for a quality control to maintain a certain standard inspection.

Gravure print inspection system for flexible packaging

  • Light colored doctor scum peculiar to gravure printing can be detected by a special detection circuit dedicated for gravure printing.
  • Multiple inspection sensitivity can be applied by inspection frame setting inside of an inspection area.
    Able to inspect in different inspection sensitivities such as an important area by strong sensitivity and other area by weak sensitivity.
  • Both side can be inspected by 1 controller.
  • High contrast 3CCD camera makes it possible to correspond to customers' strict inspection needs.
Model Trinity Well SLC704
4 cameras
Camera can be added up to 16 cameras for both side
Number of camera can be added based on material width and type of defect.
Camera specification 2048 pixels
Camera type CCD-3LINE (SLC7 series)
Min. resolution 0.195mm/pixel(X) 0.32mm/Pixel(Y)
Inspection speed 200m/min (Depends on a specification of printing press)
Inspection target Printed film (Film, paper, aluminum)
Inspection width Applicable for various widths by additional cameras
Lighting source High frequency lighting fluorescent lamp and ultrabright LED lighting source
Target defect Hazing, doctor scum, string, garbled text, foreign material, etc.
Detection circuit 8 circuits
Defect filing 6-8 defects per 1 repeat
Features X-Y tolerance, multiple master function
Inspection frame function for partial inspection sensitivity setting
*Repeat marking is required.
Interactive user-friendly operation by touch panel
Option Label marker, Frame size

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