Screen Printing Machine RF8

High performance screen printing machines for multi-colour printing onto glass hollowware. Full CNC-controls enable screen printing onto complex shaped bottles and drinkware. Advanced UV curing systems ensure thorough curing of UV inks throughout the speed ranges. Comprehensive job storing and recalling reduce changeover times. A wide range of options allows customisation to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Screen printing machine featuring full CNC-control for one-pass multi-colour printing onto stylish containers. Comprehensive motorisation and servo-control ensure highly accurate colour to colour registration and short changeover times.

  • 8 colour screen printing
  • up to 70 items/min
  • ? 30 - 150 mm H 30 - 450 mm
Colors 8
Production speed up to 70 items/min
Items bottles, drinkware, jars and flacons
Item shape cylindrical, conical, oval and rectangular shapes or any combination (full wrap 3600 printing)
Item diameter 30 - 150 mm
Item heigth 30 - 450 mm
Maximum image length 314 mm
Decoration options screen printing, inLINE FOILING®
Inks UV inks, thermoplastic inks
Processing stations 20
Options Sensor orientation
Camera orientation(side wall)
Camera orientation (base)
In-line print inspection

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