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HDT/Vicat Tester

The Vicat tester is designed to determine the heat deflection temperature or the Vicat Softening Point of plastic specimen.

It's a widely required parameter for product characterization for quality control.

The tester is used to determine the Heat Deflection Temperature or the Vicat Softening Point. All the specimens are charged with a constant load and immersed in a bath, where temperature is increased at a standard velocity.

The attained heat resistance rate of plastic material is a widely required parameter for product characterization, for quality control, as well as for evaluating their conformity to the previewed applications.

HDT/V 3116 ranks top-class in the world, which is embodied in the following advantages:
  1. Automatic lifting mechanism provides stable and reliable performance.
  2. The performances of specimen frame lift, offload, limit space, load can be finished during the lifting procedure, which make the breakthrough in the world.
  3. The dispersion of testing result for standard sample is smaller ISO 2507,ISO 75,ISO 306, ASTM D 1525, ASTM D 648 and the equivalent. HDT/V 3116 HDT/Vicat Tester than 0.50C,even under the smallest load condition. This technology has ranked among the international top level.
  4. As exclusive design in the world, automatic smoke exhaust system has been designed to guarantee user's health and not contaminate the environment.
  5. Application of digital micrometer with communication interface brings the top class performance in mechanic & electronic controlling ability and software technology.
  6. Temperature protective circuit, being independent of the controlling system, is designed to protect the tester when the temperature of medium exceeds using range.
  7. Controlled by PC or touch screen, equipped with JINJIAN4.0 software to control and test temperature and deformation, describe and record test curves, output testing result, save historical data as well as print out testing report etc.

ISO 2507,ISO 75,ISO 306,ASTM D 1525,ASTM D 648 and the equivalent.

  • Temperature controlling range:RT~3000C
  • Heating rate:1200C/h, 500C/h;
  • Error of heating rate:less than ±1%/6min
  • Max. temperature error:±0.50C
  • Numbers of temperature measuring point :6
  • Numbers of test station:6
  • Thermal expansion coefficient of test stations:0.005mm/1000C
  • Deformation measuring device:digital gauge with communication interface
  • Deformation measuring range:(-1~9)mm
  • Span of sample supports:64mm,100mm
  • Max. deformation measuring error:0.005mm
  • Medium:methyl silicone oil
  • Cooling method:natural cooling (temperature more than 1500C); Water cooling or natural cooling (temperature less than 1500C)
  • With upper temperature setting function, it will stop heating when the temperature reaches the setting value
  • Power supply:7.5KW 220VAC 50HZ

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