MICA Corporation
Film: Yes   No
Vac-Met: Yes   No
Inks: Yes   No
Alu: Yes   No
Paper: Yes   No

MICA R-1509-C

MICA water-based primers are an integral part of high quality, multiple layer flexible laminates produced by extrusion coating and lamination. In addition to polyolefin extrudates, MICA primers enhance the bonding of inks, PVdC, SiOx, and other coatings to paper, film, and aluminum foil substrates. All MICA primers are environmentally responsible, safe and easy to use, provide high bond strength for durability and have a long storage and pot life.

  • Extrusion Lamination

MICA R-1509-C is a concentrated waterborne primer designed to promote adhesion of extruded polyester or poly(lactic acid)(PLA) to paper and paperboard substrates.The primer produces high bond strength and provides resistance to blistering under high temperature conditions.

Film No
Vac-Met No
Inks No
Alu No
Paper Yes
Type Proprietary polymeric dispersion
Solids ~50%
Appearance Milky, white liquid
pH at 250C ~5
Viscosity at 250C ~100 centipoise
FDA Status Complies with 21 CFR 175.105
Commercial or Developmental Commercial

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