JJ Test

Static Constant Loading Tester for Thermoplastic Manhole

The static constant loading tester is designed to determine the resistance to axial static constant load of plastic manhole. At the end of test the sample appearance determines the deformation ration of plastic manhole.

Static constant loading tester is mainly used to determine the resistance to the axial static constant load of plastic manhole.

A constant force is steadily loaded on the axial direction of the manhole for the specified time, when test is finished, observing the sample appearance (deformation, collapse, crack or crazing), determine the deformation in axial direction and calculate the deformation ratio of manhole.

JJICL is also suitable for ring stiffness test, flattening test, ring softness test of thermoplastic pipes.

  1. Gate-type structure with super high rigidity, test speed can be controlled in a wide range, seamless ball bearing ensures high accuracy and stable performance.
  2. Imported digital AC servo system has been introduced, piecewise linear correction method ensures high accuracy and stability of system.
  3. Bridge structure of load sensors avoids side loading especially for big pipes.
  4. Unique type inner diameter measuring system tracks the deformation of inner diameter. It is easy to install sample and carry out measurement
  5. With protection functions of overload, over current, over force as well as over temperature, also multi protection methods have been set in mechanical & electrical part and software system.
  6. Module design satisfies customers' requirement on extended function. Compression, bending, Ring sitffness, Ring flexibility, Flatten , Shear and Creep ratio tests can also be carried out on this tester.
  7. The system is highly intellectualized, whole test procedure will be recorded automatically.

BS EN 13598-1:2003 and the equivalent.

Max test force 200kN,350KN or 600KN
Force accuracy ±1%
Force display resolution 1/200000 FS
Crossbeam displacement accuracy ±1%
Test speed 5~200mm/min (stepless)
Speed error ±1%
Control range of constant load 5%-100%FS
Control accuracy of constant load ±1%
Max. journey 2500mm
Max. dimension of manhole base φ1600mm
Timing range 0h~9999h
Timing accuracy ±0.1%
Security protection grade IP55

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