JJ Test

Melt Flow Indexer

This device determines the viscosity of melted material, which indicates the melt flow ability through a die.

  1. A user-friendly color touch-screen allows fast, accurate input of test parameters.
  2. Automatic specimen cutting system is used to reduce the human involvement with the machine during the test and increase accuracy and repeatability of test results.
  3. Supplied completely with the accessories and weights necessary for maintenance and operation.
  4. Equipped with a motorized weight lifting and lowering device (WLD) that further automates the testing procedure.
  5. For more sophisticated data collection, it works with JJ-TEST DMS software, which can store an unlimited amount of test results and generate desired test reports.
  6. Password verify is available for some main operations in case of mishandle.

ISO 1133-1:2011, ISO 1133-2:2011, ASTM D1238 method A & B, and the equivalent.

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