Migration & Non-volatile-matter Content Tester

C830 Migration & Non-volatile-matter Content Tester

C830 Migration & Non-volatile-matter Content Tester is one highly integrated, high efficiency and automatic tester for determination of migration and non-volatile matter contents, which can be widely used for determination of migration of various packaging materials for food and their products, non-volatile contents of packaging materials for pharmaceuticals, total solids, water and fat of food, water and insoluble substances of pharmaceuticals and food additives. The instrument supports fast evaporation mode and efficient reagent recycling function so that water, trichloromethane, acetic acid, ethanol, n-hexane and other reagents can be used to improve the testing efficiency.

Determination of migration of packaging materials for food and their products
  • Determination of migration of food packages made of PE, polystyrene, PVC, PP, melamine, EPS and plant fiber, etc.
  • Determination of migration of rubber gasket, sealing ring of pressure cooker, rubber nipple, rubber tubes in food industry.
  • Determination of migration of coatings in the interior wall of food containers such as Vinylidene Chloride, epoxy novolac, Polyamide epoxy resin and PTFE, etc.
Determination of Non-volatile-matter Contents of packaging materials for pharmaceuticals
  • Determination of non-volatile contents in transfusion bottles, eye drop bottles, oral liquid vials, oral medicine bottles, transfusion bags and their caps which are made of LDPE, HDPE, PP and PET, etc.
  • Determination of non-volatile contents in compound films and bags made of PE, BOPP, VMCPP and PET, etc.
  • Determination of non-volatile contents in compound rigid sheeting made of PVC, LDPE, PVDC and PA for medical use
  • Determination of non-volatile contents in PE/Aluminum/PE compound tubes for ointment and LDPE films and bags.
  • Determination of non-volatile contents in Halogenated butyl rubber closures for injection or injection powder
  • Determination of non-volatile contents in medicinal gasket, rubber closure, piston and protective cap.

As an innovator and leading manufacturer, Labthink is dedicated to development of testing instrument for determination of migration and non-volatile contents, which is highly-integrated, automatic, precise and harmless.

  • Integrated testing process with evaporation, drying and weighing all-in-one instrument, which can be used for determination of migration and non-volatile contents with trichloromethane, acetic acid, ethanol, n-hexane and many other reagents.
  • Harmless testing process. The evaporated reagent will be collected and processed through special gas pipes, without requiring additional gas handling systems in laboratory.
  • High efficiency reagent recycling function makes it possible to recycle 90% of n-hexane without introducing extra foreign matters (e.g. bath water).
  • The testing process is automatic without human intervention, which can protect the operators from the hazardous gases and guarantee the safety of operators.
  • Automatic testing process. With precise automatic weighing system, operating errors can be minimized and constant weight can be obtained effectively.
  • Precise testing process. Specially designed constant temperature chamber and weighing system can guarantee the testing accuracy.
High Efficiency

High-efficiency and automatic design minimize the human operation. With advanced technology, the instrument supports simplified test method, testing process and combination of tests.

  • World's leading fast evaporation technology can reduce the evaporation time by heating the reagent to the status most close to boiling.
  • The test chamber can be opened and shut automatically. The airtight test chamber makes the operation safe and simplified.
  • With gas balancing technology, the concentration of evaporated reagent can be reduced quickly, which improves the evaporation efficiency and operating safety.
  • The testing process is efficient with flexible and professional process parameters as well as multiple test modes including proportional mode, standard mode, differential mode and fast mode, etc.
  • The instrument is equipped with 9 working stations, with independent test parameters, process data and test results.
  • Labthink's exclusive extended working station mode (optional) supports 9 to 90 stations of multiple testing instruments

The instrument is embedded with Labthinks latest operating software, which is featured with user-friendly interface, intelligent data processing, strict user management and secure data storage. It also supports Labthink exclusive DataShieldTM Note4 (Optional) which provides the users with safe and reliable management of test data and test reports.

  • Test data can be displayed in various forms including curves and data list
  • Test data will be saved and encrypted in a unique way so that all the test information will be saved securely and reliably and protected from being tampered
  • Various forms of test data can be searched, exported and printed out

ISO 759-1981, GB 31604.8-2016, GB/T 9740-2003, YBB00342002-2015 and YBB00132002-2015, etc.

Test Parameters
Parameter Model 830M 830H
Test Range mg 0.5 ~ 80000 0.3 ~ 80000
Resolution mg 0.1 0.1
Repeatability mg 0.5 0.3
Test Temperature °C Room Temperature ~ 130 Room Temperature ~ 130
Temperature Accuracy °C ±0.5 ±0.5
Additional Functions Fast Evaporation Mode N/A Standard
Reagent Recycling Function N/A Standard
Acid, Alcohol & Alkane Test N/A Standard
Extended Working Station N/A Optional
DataShieldTM Optional Optional
Table 2: Technical Specifications
Number of Working Stations 9 stations with independent weighing systems, test parameters can be different from each other, test data is independent, Customization Available
Test Cup Capacity 200ml, Customization Available
Gas Supply Compressed Air (Power Gas), High-purity Nitrogen (99.999%, Balance Gas)
Note: The gas supply is not in supply scope.
Gas Supply Pressure ≥0.6MPa
Port Size Ф6mm PU Tubing

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