Cloeren Incorporated

Ancillary Equipment

Cloeren offers a wide range of accessories and ancillary equipment to complement and enhance our line of feedblocks and dies.

Vacuum Box
The Vacuum Box works by evacuating air between the film and the chill roll surface. By actually drawing the film onto the chill roll surface, it enhances web cooling, facilitates higher line speeds and reduces film neck-in. It also reduces drag at the lip exit. The result: increased productivity. The Vacuum Box is available with single and dual chambers.

Die Supports
Dies are precision components and often have several pieces of ancillary equipment included with them. Cloeren builds several support stand products for easier maintenance and safer handling of dies.

On-Line Die Splitter
The Cloeren on-line die splitter makes die cleaning easier and safer. The on-line die splitter minimizes potential damage to the die during maintenance and cleaning, and helps improve efficiency. Precision-fabricated rails and hardened cams allow the die bodies to be split and cleaned for re-assembly.

Cleaning Carts
Cloeren offers a complete line of off-line die cleaning carts to facilitate maintenance, transport, storage and preheating of a die.

Drool Pans
During routine maintenance or for product changeover in the extrusion coating and laminating process, a drool pan will capture the extrudate from the die, keeping the work area clean and minimizing contamination of the polymer so it can be recycled.

Melt Pipe Systems
Cloeren designs customized melt pipe systems that will deliver optimal flow performance from the extruder to the feedblock and extrusion die. The melt pipes have the ability to affect the polymer flow performance. Because of their important functionality, specialized engineering expertise is required.

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