Sticker & Label Inspection System

100% & whole area inspection on garbled text and print dirt on sticker & label printing for pharmaceutical and beverage

Inspection system for sticker & label printing
Applicable for online inspection on printing press and offline inspection on rewinder

  • By setting an inspection frame, it's possible to change inspection sensitivity individually for important area and matrix area etc.
  • Applicable for an inspection of foil label by dedicated lighting unit assuring a high performance inspection
  • Position and meandering tolerance by position correcting function (XY correction)
  • Defect image blinking display (Defective part will be blinking) for an operator to recognize defect promptly.
  • Quality management of the product is possible with all the stored defect images.
Model Trinity Well SLC901
1 camera
Camera can be added up to 16
Camera can be added according to inspection width and required defect
Camera specification 2048 pixels
Camera type 3CCD (SLC9 series) or CCD-3LINE (SLC7series)
Min. camera resolution 0.15mm/pixel(X) 0.30mm/pixel(Y)
Inspection speed 300m/min (It depends on machine spec. such as a printing press or a rewinder)
Target defect Sticker and label
Inspection width 300mm
Target defect Ink spatter, pinhole, foreign material, missing print, streak, missing label, die-cutting defect
Inspection circuit Streak defect, color extraction, pale color defect, text defect, minute size defect
Defect filing Stores 6-8 defect images in 1 repeat
Feature Position correction, Multi-reference image capturing function
Inspection frame function to check important area strictly
Interactive interface by touch panel operation
Option Frame size, Streak emphasis(Option card)
Pitat! System (Virtual rewinder system after non-stop inspection)

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