Screen Printing Machine TH 9

High performance printing machines for multi-colour printing onto plastic tubes or sleeves. Advanced UV curing systems ensure thorough curing of UV inks throughout the speed ranges. Comprehensive job storing and recalling reduce changeover times. A wide range of options allows customisation to meet each customer's specific requirements. ISIMAT's tube printing machines can operate in-line or stand-alone.

A high-performance tube printing machine for reliable 24/7 operation; comprehensive motorisation and servo-control ensure highly accurate colour to colour registration and short changeover times.

A hybrid tube printer with 9 printing stations: each station can take a flexo printing unit, a screen printing unit, inLINE FOILING unit or a varnishing unit. These units are interchangeable. Any sequence of these units is possible.

A TH9 can be configured for printing either in-line or stand-alone on tubes or sleeves.

  • 9 colour screen printing
  • up to 110 items/min
  • 16 - 60 mm H 50 - 220 mm
Colors 9
Production speed up to 110 items/min
Items tubes, sleeves
Item diameter 16 - 60 mm
Item heigth 50 - 220 mm
Maximum image height 200 mm
Decoration options screen printing, flexo printing, inLINE FOILING®, varnishing
Inks UV inks
Processing stations 24
Options Sensor orientation
Camera orientation
Corona surface treatment
Motorised axial screen adjustments
Ink pumps
In-line print inspection

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