JJ Test

Universal Testing Machine

This device is ideal for measuring tension, compression, bending, peer and tear in plastics, metal wires, nylon wires textile, packaging etc.

Universal Testing Machine is suitable for quality control of various fields, including metal wire, nylon wire, plastic, rubber, textile and clothes, packaging etc, for tension, compression and bending, peel and tear test.

  • Test automation and batch testing.
  • The stand alone system is capable of storing up to 600 test results.
  • Extensive built-in library of test methods covering ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN and other standards.
  • User configurable test enables users to quickly build advanced multi-stage test routines using simple built-in commands.
  • The high stiffness frame incorporates a crosshead guidance system to prevent side loading of the test sample.
  • Automatic identification of load cells.
  • Load accuracy of 0.02% of load cell value provides high dynamic range, thereby reducing the number of load cells required to cover the full force range.
  • Extensometer, inner diameter measurement system and ring stiffness software are available as options.
  • Incorporating world proven 32-bit technology for highly accurate load measurement and rapid data acquisition.
  • UTM series have been authorized CE certificate.
  • Pass CNAS T0544,CNAS T0646 tensile tests.

ISO 527, ASTM D 638 and the equivalent.

Model Max. Force Speed Tensile space Crossbeam resolution Display&Output
UTM-1422 10kN (0.05-500)mm/min (0-900)mm 0.001mm PC control, Printer
UTM-1432 20kN (0.05-500)mm/min (0-900)mm 0.001mm PC control, Printer
UTM-1442 30kN (0.05-500)mm/min (0-900)mm 0.001mm PC control, Printer
UTM-1451 50kN (0.05-500)mm/min (0-900)mm 0.001mm PC control, Printer
UTM-2360 100kN (0.05-500)mm/min (0-500)mm 0.001mm PC control, Printer

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