Vacuum Packaging Analyzer

RGT-01 Vacuum Packaging Analyzer

  • Globally the first instrument designed for the quantitative analysis of seal performance and residual oxygen for various flexible vacuum packages
  • Differential pressure method and liquid level analysis technology are employed in this instrument
  • Top quality parts and components made by world famous brands are used to ensure reliable overall product performance
  • All test parameters can be set flexibly for convenient operation
  • Intelligent reminder for sensor calibration guarantees the safety of operation
  • System supports historical data searching and printing functions
  • Embedded computer control system provides safer and more reliable data management as well as test operation.
  • The vacuum packaging analyzer can be easily operated with a mouse, a keyboard, and a monitor, without requiring a PC.
  • The instrument is equipped with four USB ports and dual Internet ports for convenient data transmission.
  • Sophisticated energy consumption and test environment monitoring and analysis functions for better test accuracy and reliability.(Relevant sensors are needed. For more information, please refer to the configuration in Technical Specifications.)
  • Interface: Windows-based operating interface
  • Statistics: Easy calculation for historical results, instrument usage, energy consumption, and large statistical information
  • Test Report: can provide detailed test reports in various customized patterns
  • Energy Consumption and Test Status Monitoring (Additional Sensors Required): the system monitors and displays real-time voltage, current, energy consumption of instrument as well as ambient temperature and relative humidity during the test, which serves to evaluate test data reliability
  • User Management: multi-level account management for better data management and protection
  • Operation Log: system automatically records all the operations by the user, which is easy to review
Test Specs Test Range
(Residual Gas)
0~15 mL (Standard)
Note: As a default setting, residual oxygen volume can be obtained by multiplying this value by 20.9%. Customization is available for other test range.
Test Accuracy 
(Residual Oxygen)
±0.1 mL (Gas volume is 0-5 mL)
±0.3 mL (Gas volume is 5-10 mL)
±0.5 mL (Gas volume is 10-15 mL)
Vacuum 0~-90 kPa
Vacuum Accuracy 0.25 kPa
Environment Monitoring Specs (Optional) Voltage Monitoring Range AC 0~250 V, with ±0.5% accuracy
Current Monitoring Range 0~15 A, with ±0.5% accuracy
Energy Analysis Accuracy ±0.5%
Environmental Temperature Monitoring Range -10 0C~55 0C, with ±0.1 0C accuracy
Environmental Humidity
Monitoring Range
0~100% RH, with ±2% RH accuracy
Other Specs Instrument Dimensions 580 mm (L) x 320 mm (W) x 540 mm (H)
Port Size Φ6 mm
Power AC 110V  60Hz
Net Weight 61 kg
Configurations Standard Instrument (Includes Wireless Data Interface), Professional Software, LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Vacuum Pump
Optional Environmental Monitoring Sensors (Includes voltage, current, temperature and humidity sensors) and  Printer (compatible with PCL3)
Online Data Management System for Packaging Testing Wireless Data Transfer Module, High Gain Antenna

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