Blank Inspection System

Inspect printed blanks before folding boxes for food and pharmaceutical. Blank inspection is a final inspection to assure your quality just before shipment.

Inspection of printed blank package on a dedicated feeding machine

  • High speed inspection at Max speed 60,000 sheets/h is possible by a combination of high speed 3CCD camera and high speed processing technology.
  • X-Y-? Image Correction makes high accurate inspection possible by correcting an image against sheet deviation caused by machine delivery.
  • Both-sided inspection is possible by 1 system at once. OK and NG products can be sorted.
  • Applicable for high value added products such as metalized or hologram printing.
Model Trinity Well SLC701/701B
Camera specification 2048 pixels
Camera can be added up to 16 cameras for both side
Camera type CCD-3LINE (SLC7 series)
or 3CCD (SLC9 series)
Min. resolution 0.26mm/ pixel(Front)
0.26mm/ pixel(Back)
Inspection speed 200m/min. *Depends on machine spec
Inspection target Blank sheet
(Normal paper, aluminum metalized paper, special paper such as hologram)
Lighting source Self-developed high frequency lighting fluorescent lamp and ultrabright LED lighting source
Stabilizing sheet surface Depends on a machine spec.
Target defect Hickey, ink spatter, pinhole, incomplete text, streak, mis-register of die-cutting, etc.
Inspection circuit 8 circuits
Defect filing Store 4-6 defects per 1 sheet
Features Sheet shifting tolerance, X-Y-θ correction, multiple master image
Inspection frame function for partial inspection sensitivity setting
Interactive user-friendly operation by touch panel

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