Cloeren Incorporated

Commodity Film

For high performance, extended shelf life, or high temperature applications

Pallet Stretch Wrap, Protective Films, and Ziploc Bags
These products are made with the cast film process. Cloeren Feedblocks, and Single and Multi-Manifold Dies set the standard in all cast film processes when it comes to individual layer uniformity, overall gauge control, and product performance properties.

Hard Candy Wrappers, Meat Wrap, Bread Bags, Cheese Packaging, Lunchmeat Pouches and Vacuum Packed Meats
From conventional mono-layer to sophisticated NanoLayerTM applications demanding high performance, extended shelf life, high temperature, dead fold, or other unique performance properties, Cloeren Feedblocks and Dies for the cast film process enables producers to meet rising demand for multi-layer film and flexible packaging by getting the most yield from extrusion lines.

Potato Chip Bags, Soda Bottle Labels, Cheese Wrappers, Candy Bar Wrappers
These rank among the most demanding flat die extrusion applications. Our dies for the oriented film process can help you increase production rates with an evolving range of polymers and structures while maintaining unparalleled layer-to-layer gauge uniformity and precise thickness control.

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