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Deckle Systems

Die Options
Cloeren Die technology also includes optional deckle systems that can be customized to a customer's particular process.

Customized deckle systems control the extruded product width, reduce edge trim and even create monolithic edges on coextruded products. Cloeren deckle systems include:

  • Internal Deckle System (IDSTM)
    Developed by Cloeren, this system enables the width adjustment of the extruded product with a minimal amount of downtime. The IDSTM features a solid manifold plug and blade that eliminates excessive polymer stagnation by filling the deckled portion of the die cavity with solid deckle components. This allows for reliable deckling of complex extrusions. The die-to-roll position is not affected by the IDSTM System because the deckle is internal to the die cavity and does not protrude beyond the die lips as is common with external deckles.
  • Encapsulating Deckle System (EDSTM)
    This patented product features the same benefits as the IDSTM, while also providing the ability to produce film and sheet with encapsulated edge portions. This allows for the elimination of expensive material in the edge trim. Since encapsulated edge trim is made up of a single polymer, it is more suitable for recycling. EDSTM can also be employed to stabilize film edges and reduce the amount of neck-in in some processes, resulting in the production of more usable film.
  • Fixed-width Internal Deckles
    These deckles provide a cost-effective solution for processors who do not need an infinitely adjustable range of the IDSTM System. The deckle inserts are easily placed into the ends of the die flow channel to allow custom product widths without excessive edge trim. These deckles are also very beneficial for medium-range sheet producers running low-melt strength polymers because the nip-to-lip distance is not increased as with conventional external deckles.
  • Power WedgeTM Deckle System
    This system is an adjustable, wedge sealing, external deckle, suitable for the sheet extrusion process. The system can be fully retracted to the ends of the die. This facilitates lip removal and enhances die cleaning and maintenance.

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