Cloeren Incorporated

Feedblock Options

To supplement our award-winning feedblock technologies, Cloeren offers options that increase efficiency, improve ease of use, and minimize downtime during layer sequence changes.

Selector PlugTM Cartridge
The Selector PlugTM is an interchangeable cartridge located upstream of the layer forming section of the Feedblock. It enables the operator to quickly change the layer sequence without disassembling the feedblock or melt delivery pipes. By simply exchanging the Selector PlugTM with another one having a different channel routing, the product layer sequence can be altered in less than 30 minutes.

Additional Selector PlugsTM, for different layer sequences, can be purchased with the feedblock, or are available as an aftermarket item.

The patented TopHatTM is an alternative to the Selector PlugTM, and is best suited for ultimate streamlining for heat sensitive polymer applications.

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