JJ Test

JJAST Piping System Joints Leak Tightness Tester

Importance of managing distribution systems to minimize excess pressures is widely recognized as a fundamental aspect of leakage management strategy.

This device determines the pressure which the joint can withstand to avoid leakage.

It is used to determine the leak tightness of elastomeric sealing ring type of joints for buried thermoplastic non-pressure piping systems.

  1. Industrial color LCD display is convenient to input and check test information, including test parameters, test results and test curves ,etc.
  2. Test data can easily be exported to user's PC via USB stick for further processing and report generation.
  3. Hydraulic type pipe deflection device at radial direction, high precision digital gauge display as well as the self-aligning centering function ensure operation easier.
  4. Different supporting-blocks are introduced for different pipe fittings.
  5. Angular deflection at four directions can be collected.
  6. Unique design for sample clamping system makes the sample installation more convenient.

ISO 4422-2: 1996, ISO 13844: 2000 and the equivalent.

Test station 1
Pipe diameter(DN) (63~400)mm
Pressure range 0~(-0.08)MPa
Pressure display accuracy 0.001MPa
Pressure control accuracy (MPa) -0.01±0.002,-0.03±0.0015,-0.08±0.002
Max. angle of deflection 30C
Main frame Overall dimensions(mm) 3600×600×1300
Pressure control cabinet dimensions (mm) 800×400×1100
Power supply 220 (1-15%) VAC~220 (1+10%)VAC, 50Hz, 1.0kW

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