JJ Test

JJWTM Wall Thickness Measurement

It can be used to determine wall thickness for pipes(PE, PB, PEX-Al-PEX,etc) at the max. axial depth of 400mm.

  1. High accuracy
    High precision micro gauge was introduced to collect test data, Locking device ensures gauge beam and sample touching perfectly, that test result more accurate.
  2. Easy to operate
    Hand wheel and high-precision guide channel control . In order to work for samples with different sizes, the height of test arm can be adjusted freely. Also the sample is located on sliding rail , that the test range in axial direction can be adjusted.
  3. Scientific structure
    Equipped with dial gauge lifting system,it can be used to protect dial gauge from the sample when they were contacted.
  4. Specialize Software
    Friendly operation interface, system can record wall thickness and describe it in a test curve, also Max. wall thickness , min. wall thickness & average wall thickness can be acquired and be saved automatically.

ISO 3126:2005---Plastics piping systems—Plastics components—Determination of dimensions.

Sample diameter range Ф40mm ~ Ф630mm
Pipe thickness 0 ~ 50mm
Test range in axial direction 0 ~ 400mm

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