Cloeren Incorporated

Other Applications

From TV monitors and vinyl siding to foam insulation and plastic pellets

Here are some of the other applications customers can produce with Cloeren equipment:

  • TV monitors, LCD Monitors and Flat-Panel Displays
    One of the most popular technological advances in the last two decades would not be made possible without Cloeren equipment. Our specialized web coating process helps with the production of coated films used for flat-panel displays, TV monitors and LCD displays.
  • Cigar and Cigarette Wrappers
    Cloeren feedblocks and dies used in the oriented film process help produce cigar and cigarette wrappers. Our feedblocks and dies can help increase production rates of these products while maintaining excellent layer-to-layer gauge uniformity.
  • Protective Films
    Cloeren cast film systems are used to produce protective films. Whether it's polypropylene film, barrier or stretch film, vacuum metalizing base film, high-clarity film or any other cast film produced, Cloeren's proven and comprehensive line of cast film products will optimize line productivity and product quality.
  • Refrigerator Liners
    Cloeren die and feedblock technology is used to produce thinner, more uniform multi-layer sheets that are ideal for use in refrigerator liners. With such a wide range of polymers, widths and thicknesses processed, the sheet industry requires the broadest possible selection of equipment options.
  • Plastic Pellets
    Our strand dies are used to produce resin pellets after the polymerization process, as well as enabling repelletization of in-line thermoforming scrap, edge trim, post-consumer scrap, and non-woven fabric scrap.
  • Foam Board Insulation
    Cloeren feedblocks and dies are used in specialized applications for foam board insulation for homes and other products.
  • Vinyl Siding, Architectural Window Films and Bathroom Showers and Tubs
    Cloeren equipment is used to help develop and produce such construction materials as vinyl siding, architectural window films, and bathroom showers and tubs. Cloeren technology allows appliance sheet manufactures to produce thinner, more uniform multi-layer sheets.

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