Cloeren Incorporated

Single Manifold Die

Proper design of an extrusion die is essential for successful coextrusion. The Cloeren EpochTM Die Series features unique manifold geometries and a patented two-stage preland. This exclusive combination, together with custom engineering, provides unparalleled mass flow distribution across the die width, which increases process yield and quality of the finished product. The patented EpochTM Die was the first commercially established extrusion die that addressed non-uniform die clamshelling. Both the EpochTM III and EpochTM V feature a two stage, non-linear preland that is optimized for uniform cross-direction flow distribution.

Cloeren's coextrusion die designs feature low energy dissipation manifolds beneficial to individual layer uniformities across the die width, complementary to the feedblock coextrusion process.

EpochTM V
Our custom design features a streamlined teardrop cross-section manifold suitable for mono-layer extrusions.

moebius-manifoldTM Die
Cloeren's newest innovation in die design, the patented moebius-manifoldTM Die, provides a revolutionary solution that reduces residence time and clamshell deflection while increasing the processing window.

The moebius-manifoldTM Die incorporates a varying manifold transition angle that provides a diminishing cross-sectional area manifold while maintaining Cloeren's trademark straight-backline manifold design. The varying lead angle further enhances streamlining at the manifold ends where the flow rates are the lowest. This provides the latest enhancement for heat-sensitive and residence-time-sensitive polymers, such as PVC and fluoropolymers.

Uniquely, the moebius-manifoldTM is suitable for Cloeren's full cavity IDSTM Internal Deckle System.

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