Cloeren Incorporated

VG Feedblocks

The patented Variable Geometry Feedblock is available from two to thirteen or more layers, and allows on-line adjustments to the polymer flow streams.

The mainstay of feedblocks is the versatile Variable Geometry (VGTM) Feedblock.

Movable vane
Cloeren's legacy movable vane design provides for simple, external adjustment of the shear stress. This feature allows the user to compensate for changes in the layer structure to maintain optimum process flow characteristics.

Distribution pins
This Cloeren innovation provides externally adjustable means for tuning individual layer uniformity when needed, by allowing profiling of a selected flow stream at the point of flow convergence of polymer layers with different viscoelastic characteristics. This feature fine tunes individual layer uniformity for optimum product quality, and enhances product development and process quality.

Reliability and maximum flexibility with on-line process adjustability
The Cloeren VGTM Feedblock is available from two layers up to thirteen or more layers. The VGTM Feedblock allows customers to make adjustments to the flow geometry, and to fine-tune shear stress and layer uniformity on line - saving on downtime and reducing the customer's total cost of ownership.

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