900 - Mechanical safety chucks with U squared shaped and tilting ring

They are used to rewind or unwind material in rolls on expanding airshafts; they allow to load or unload rolls more easily without moving the airshaft directly.

Tilting safety chuck (tilting disc opening), there are several versions: light, heavy, ultra-heavy and with axial movement. Use with/without shaft or with handwheel; insert round/square.

Several tilting and sliding models are available to suit different loads.

Any model can be both foot-mounted and flange-mounted.

Standard sizes available for this Model are listed below.


  • Capacity Perp Pair: from 6.000 N to 60.000 N (Reel weight)
  • Max Torque Transmissible: from 235 Nm to 2.500 Nm
  • Max Speed: from 300 RPM to 1.000 RPM
  • Square Standard Socket: from ? 25-30 to ? 60-80
  • Standard Shaft Diameter: from Ø 25-30 to Ø 50-60

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