MICA Corporation

Product Development

Bring us your Problems, and We Will Bring you Solutions
After experiencing difficulty with their current primer supplier’s products, a world-class leading brand owner sought out Mica Corporation to assist in finding a product for a new and complex application.

Mica’s lab was quickly able to find a solution in our existing product catalog that not only worked, but performed significantly better than the competitor’s product on the first trial run.

When the brand owner came back to our lab with additional requirements, we were able to develop a number of products to best fit all of their needs.

Our Philosophy

  • no customer too small
  • no application too obscure.

With this attitude, we are prepared to offer you custom formulations for your application.

Pilot Line
Our Pilot Line is capable of applying liquid primers & coatings, drying, and extrusion coating/laminating various polymers to assist in your development objectives.

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