300 � 1000/BMS Pneumatic reels manipulator

The reels manipulator has been designed in order to simplify the handling of reels.

300-1000 BMS is an electro-hydraulic machine designed to solve problems of reels’ handling of different materials and different.

It can load, palletize, store, move reels in a wide mass field; it is particularly suitable for special cards that are difficult to handle. I

t can be installed on the floor (fixed position) or on rail trolleys, connected to the power line and to hydraulic line (for movement of the gripping chuck).

It can clamp the reel both on vertical and horizontal axis, with horizontal/ vertical translation and rotation around the column.


  • Electro-hydraulical
  • The longer the arm is, the smaller the payload will be

PAYLOAD: 150 kg (mod. 300) / 600 kg (mod. 1000)

HORIZ. ARM LENGTH : from 1450 to 2550 mm (mod. 300) / from 1550 to 2750 mm (mod. 1000)

REELS : up to ø 2500 mm (mod. 300) / up to ø 2500 mm (mod. 1000)

STROKE : max 1870 mm (mod. 300) / max 1870 mm (mod. 1000)

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