405 BA - Reel lifting electric trolley

The electric trolley has been designed for the handling of reels.

It consists of a base frame mounted on wheels, a manual pump and an active piston between two guides that direct the load vertically.

Once grabbed with the appropriate clamp, the shaft can be moved through the hydraulically operated group. The vehicle is electrically powered through a high capacity battery.


  • Gel batteries
  • Additional battery pack with quick extraction
  • Load cells with indication of the reel weight
  • Heavy-duty model available (max weight 2500 Kg)
  • Light model available (max weight 800 Kg)


  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Electric motor wheel, hydraulic unit for lifting
  • 24 V operation (2 batteries of 12 V and 35 kg each)

REELS: up to Ø 2000 mm


VELOCITY: 2,5 Km/h (reduced with high loads)

HIGH: from 135 to 1500 mm (relation to the weight to be lifted)

WEIGHT: about 700 kg

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