715 PG - Pneumatic expanding tire chucks

The 715/PG air chuck is recommended for unwinding and rewinding with cores.

The body of the chuck can be either light alloy or steel, whereas the expanding section is made of a high-resistance rubber band. Itis available with side flange for mobile arms unwind stand mounting, or with a passing bore for passing bars mounting. The steel clamp grants a perfect gripping onto the bar and can be replaced with fixing grains to reduce the weight. To get better performances in load capacity and transmissible torque, two or more715/PG chucks can be connected in series and fed by one inflation air valve. Expansion is accomplished by one only rubber band which once inflated exerts a direct pressure onto the core. It is mandatory to inflate the chuck only when the reel is inserted.

Standard sizes available for this Model are listed below.


  • Core diameter: from 70 to 400 mm
  • Rubber tyre length: approx. 90 mm
  • Expansion range: 12 mm
  • Air pressure: min. 5 bar (suggested 6 bar)

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