638 PK - Carbon fiber pneumatic expanding shafts with lugs

The carbon fiber pneumatic expanding shaft with lugs is recommended for unwinding and winding of coils with cores. The shaft body is made of high strength carbon fiber, fabricated through filament winding technology and, on request, it can be protected externally by a steel casing. This shaft is extremely light compared to traditional solutions and it allows o better productivity because:

It can work at higher speed
It can be managed by a single operator without assistance
It does not require the use of lifting systems for its insertion into the coil and for extraction from it

The expansion is obtained thanks to a single rubber tube which, once inflated, pushes the lugs outwards and allows the locking of the cores. The protection system ensures a longer life of the pipe, reducing the possibility of breakage. The journal ends are always made according to the customer’s drawing. On models with side journal ends with a diameter bigger than 50mm, it is possible to provide a system for the quick disassembly of the rubber pipe in the event of breakage, allowing to repair the shaft in minimum time.

Standard sizes available for this Model are listed below.


  • Core diameter: ≥ 40 mm ≤ 500 mm
  • Face width: up to 6.000 mm
  • Air pressure:: 5-6 bar

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