642 PM - Pneumatic slitter scorer shafts

The Model 642/PM is recommended as a drive shaft for slitter, scorer, or slitter chucks and represents an alternative to the traditional non-expanding drive shafts.

The body of the shaft is available in chromed grinded steel only, and expanding ledges are in rubber. The journal ends are also available in a variety of steels and are always custom-made. Expansion is obtained by a system of inflatable tubes that are located beneath each row of expandors. Each tube exerts pressure equally to engage the expandors when air is applied, granting this way a perfect core gripping. Tube changes are quick and easy, accomplished without journal removal. Hex sockets free both expandors and tube for a quick procedure.

Standard sizes available for this Model are listed below.


  • Shaft diameter: from 60 to 500 mm
  • Surface roughness: Ra = 0.8
  • Face width: from 1000 to 9000 mm
  • Expansion range: 8 mm on diameter
  • Balancing: up to 2200 rpm.
  • Air pressure: min. 5 bar (suggested 6 bar)

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