640 PL - Pultruded carbon fiber pneumatic expanding shafts with ledges

The carbon fiber pneumatic expanding shaft with ledges is recommended for unwinding and winding of coils with cores.

The pneumatic shaft with strips in pultruded carbon fiber is characterized by a “multiple cavity” structure and is suitable for both unwinding and rewinding reels with cores.

Hundreds of carbon fiber bundles, wet with epoxy resin, are aligned and inserted into the cavities of an aluminum profile. After drying, the fibers are oriented at zero degrees so as to give the pneumatic shaft high rigidity.

The “Pultrusion” model can be used for different needs, but it is particularly suitable for those applications that exceed the yield point of aluminum or in cases where it is impossible to use conventional steel or carbon fiber shafts.

Stiffness, lightness and maneuverability.

Standard sizes available for this Model are listed below.


  • Core diameter: 76,2 mm (3’’); 101,6 mm (4’’); 127 mm (5’’); 152 mm (6’’); 171,45 (6,75’’)
  • Face width: up to 6.000 mm (236’’)
  • Air pressure: 5-6 bar

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