650 PLF - Differential shafts with ledges

Core loading, unloading and positioning is quick and easy.

Model 650/PLF differential shafts can wind materials with different width cores and very low tension. This differential shaft, thanks to its (patented) torque transmission, is the most innovative system offered on the market. As the core lock block expands to the outside it locks the reels in predetermined positions along the entire shaft. When deflated the ledge retracts inside the diameter of the shaft body and permits the reel to be removed. Each individual core can slide at controlled speed when the proper pressure is maintained. Winding of all cores is done at the same tension rate. The segments expand to the outside when inflated, generating resistance against the inside of the cores. This resistance is proportional to the area that is involved and permits cores with different widths to be wound on the same shaft.

Standard sizes available for this Model are listed below.


  • Core diameter: from 50 to 300 mm
  • Face width: up to 9000 mm
  • Air pressure: min. 0/2 bar

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